Bespoke craftsmanship of a Méa Méa creation

The Méa Méa brand was developed based on the insight that accessories like bags and scarves say a great deal about the person wearing them. They help express personality and lifestyle, and are worn with passion. Colors, material, ease of use, shape retention, comfort, image and brand are all elements that determine whether a bag or scarf is really you.

Méa Méa gives you the promise with its creations that are anything but mainstream. Each product is handmade to ensure that every bag and scarf is unique. Embrace and cherish the products with just as much love as they are made. A keen eye for detail and the utmost care for the product are key to the traditional way Méa Méa creations become true works of art.

The bags are made using only the highest quality natural leather, giving every new creation a one-of-a-kind appeal. The leather is used in exactly the right way and, by combining the unique design with your personality, you bag acquires an infinite value.

Leather in its purest form is precious giving the bag its strength and bringing it to life when used it really makes the bag your own. With a unique character that tells the story of your life. 

Raphaëlle Hanley


Raphaëlle Hanley from Paris is head of design at Méa Méa. Bringing years of experience in fashion to our team, Raphaëlle is still very much in love with designing bags and accessories.

“I started designing bags before the job ‘handbag designer’ even existed. I created some bags for Louis Vuitton that became iconic, including the graffiti bag. I also worked with Marc Jacobs and for Saint Laurent, both with my own creative team and making time to design myself as well. Always loving to be creatively busy, I have spent the last four years designing for different brands as a freelancer and it’s the best. When Emma contacted me and told me about Méa Méa I was immediately enthusiastic. Two days after we first spoke on the phone she flew to Paris and it clicked. I really like the special love story behind Méa Méa which I translated into the designs. For the scarves I made handmade sketches with Japanese watercolours inspired by the beautiful tale of Méa Méa. The most special thing for me about bags? It’s your own intimate world. That’s why the inside is as important as the outside. And at the end of the day we only want a bag because we desire it. Like a good love story as Méa Méa’s.”

The magic world of Méa Méa comes alive with the beautiful creations by Raphaëlle.

Purest form


Beauty is a fragile thing. Box Calf leather is the finest leather in the world, so don’t expect it to be insensitive. It is a living, breathing skin. You will feel its vulnerability.

Life will leave its mark on it. And, that’s precisely what will enhance its appeal over time. The surface of a Méa Méa bag is vibrant, it has depth, its colors are dynamic as sunlight. Or moonlight, for that matter.

Natural beauty


Méa Méa scarves are crafted in Italy from the finest Italian silk twill. Its hand-rolled edges ensure a sophisticated drape. Being a product of nature, silk will warm you in winter, and keep you cool in summer.