Mythical magic incorporated in a timeless design, that's the luxury accessory label Méa Méa. A modern niche leather & silk brand of superior quality, founded in a protected nature area in the south of the Netherlands. Welcome to the world of Méa Méa

Founded by Emma Kroon (The Netherlands), who has worked as an entrepreneur in a variety of fields, Méa Méa is her first venture into the luxury fashion market, and the most daring and exciting one, in her own words.

Together with Raphaelle Hanley (France), accessories designer (Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs and Giada Montapoleone), she is on the mission of creating timeless pieces of the highest available quality in untreated Box calf leather, that are made to mold to the owner’s life.

Méa Méa believes that our natural resources are our purest form of luxury. In contrast to most high-end leather brands nowadays, that use artivisual protective coatings, Méa Méa uses only untreated leather, embracing the transformative ability of one of the finest materials in the world. To honour the many hours of hand work of the Italian artists who make our bags, every Méa Méa bag is uniquely numbered. Exclusive color ways are solely dyed for Méa Méa, and therefore come in limited editions.