• 100% pure and untreatend box calf leather
  • Full leather lining in brown
  • Signature turnlock, small mirror, all in Méa Méa’s signature white gold metal
  • Hand painted leather edges in dark brown
  • Unique leather tones, dyed solely for Méa Méa, and with limited availability
  • All bags are numbered and come with an authenticity card, care instructions, dust bag and a protective Méa Méa storage box


The Alcyone bag.

Méa Méa's Alcylone is crafted from 100% Italian Box calf leather with platinum-finish hardware. A medium size bag that can be worn both crossbody and over the shoulder thanks to the sliding chain. A timeless statement piece of today and tomorrow.



Alcyone in Moonstone€2395
Alcyone in Celestine€2395
Alcyone in Almandine€2395
Alcyone in Malachite€2395
Alcyone in Benitoite€2395
Alcyone in Onyx€2395


The Ceyx bag.

Sculptural, elegant design, the Ceyx, crafted from 100% Italian Box calf leather, has a distinct appearance and a chic everyday appeal. The shoulder strap complete with platinum-finish hardware is adjustable for your ideal length.

Ceyx in Moonstone€2495
Ceyx in Celestine€2495
Ceyx in Almandine€2495
Ceyx in Malachite€2495
Ceyx in Benitoite€2495
Ceyx in Onyx€2495

Mini Maia

Made of the finest Italian Box calf leather the modern shape of the Maia mini bag makes it a solid everyday accessory. With contemporary dark brown edges and platinum metal features, takes the style lead. Crafted from 100% Italian Box calf leather.

Mini Maia in Moonstone€1395
Mini Maia in Celestine€1395
Mini Maia in Almandine€1395
Mini Maia in Malachite€1395
Mini Maia in Benitoite€1395
Mini Maia in Onyx€1395

Large Maia

A large shoulder bag ideal for storing valuable items safely with several compartments. Timeless model with a chic everyday appeal. With contemporary dark brown edges and platinum metal features, takes the style lead. Crafted from 100% Italian Box calf leather. To be carried on the arm or on the shoulder.

Large Maia in Moonstone€3750
Large Maia in Celestine€3750
Large Maia in Almandine€3750
Large Maia in Malachite€3750
Large Maia in Benitoite€3750
Large Maia in Onyx€3750


  • 100% silk twill of an exceptional Italian quality
  • Designs, painted by hand in Paris, printed in Italy
  • Hand rolled edges
  • All scarfs come in a protective Méa Méa storage box


This essential MÉA MÉA accessory complements any outfit. It can be worn many ways - around your neck, as a top, at the waist or as a headscarf!

Halcyon in Light Grey€269
Halcyon in Beige€269
Halcyon in Red€269
Halcyon in Dark Navy€269


Méa Méa scarves are crafted in Italy from the finest Italian silk twill. Its hand-rolled edges ensure a sophisticated drape. Being a product of nature, silk will warm you in winter, and keep you cool in summer.

Iris in White€269
Iris in Yellow€269
Iris in Light Blue€269
Iris in Fuchsia€269
Iris in Navy€269